All too often, our experience of Middle Eastern food on these shores is limited to limp pittas and greasy kebabs. More recently there has been a fashion for Moroccan food, with trendy bistros clamouring to serve their take on a tagine.

What many people don’t realise is that the cuisines of the Middle East are as refined and complex as any other great cuisine of the world. The deep, rich flavours of Middle Eastern food reflect the mysterious and exotic cultures that originated them.  

Many Middle Eastern recipes have evolved over hundreds of years, developed by women whose day and social life revolved around cooking. Each region has its own unique characteristics with food helping to define its culture.

Geography and history have long painted the Middle East as a land of profound contrast; deserts and Edens, poverty and plenty, tribal warlords and prophets of peace. Sadly much of the area is a battleground today, but Middle Easterners can still find common ground at the dinner table, where palates find peaceful co-existence.

Essential to any cooking in the Middle East is the concept of hospitality and generosity. Food is about family, friends with much sharing of dishes at the dinner table.

In the Middle East eating out is not an occasion it is a way of life- here at Souk Kitchen we hope our prices reflect that- by bringing you affordable authentic Middle Eastern food.


The famed Middle Eastern custom of elaborate and generous hospitality is known the world over. If there's one thing you can count on in the Middle East, it's that you'll never need to seek out hospitality. It will find you!

Hospitality and giving a warm reception to strangers goes back to the culture of the desert. Developed over centuries, where the desert environment bound traveling nomads to depend on the graciousness and generosity of others, hospitality enabled inhabitants of the Middle East to survive.

This custom of showing courtesy and consideration to strangers is alive and well in the Middle East today. Those who visit the Middle East often return home full of the friendliness, generosity and hospitality they were shown by the people they met on their travels.

At Souk Kitchen, a warm Middle Eastern welcome will greet you as soon as you walk through the door. As a guest in a Middle Eastern home you are expected to bring one thing alone; a good healthy appetite and we expect no less at Souk Kitchen!