Souk (Arabic: سوق, also souk, suk, sooq, souq, or suq) a commercial quarter in an Arab or Berber city.  Situated at the heart of each town and city, the Souk is an epicentre of trade.

From Marrakesh to Fes, Damascus to Beirut, visiting a Middle Eastern souk is a unique and magical experience, a feast for the senses. Food plays a pivotal role at the Souk. Using recipes that have been handed down over centuries, food stall owners tempt hungry passers-by with deliciously simple dishes made with the freshest local ingredients.

At night, when the souk comes to life, mouth-watering aromas fill the air and crowds of customers clamor for a seat at the most popular cooking areas, each one surrounded by tidy rows of tables and benches.  

The chargrill sizzles, laden with juicy kebabs; vast arrays of irresistible mezze make their way to eager plates; hundreds of flatbreads mop up mounds of creamy hummus; sleeves are rolled up, hands dig in and hundreds of happy customers feast communally on the best fast food around.

Our aim at Souk Kitchen is to bring authentic Middle Eastern market food to Bristol. Using the best local ingredients, our dishes are prepared with passion, packed with flavour and made for sharing with family and friends!


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